16-year-old boy in agony after stick was drilled into his anus for stealing


A 16-year-old boy is going through pain after a 79-year-old man named Francis Obeng Amoako pushed a stick into his anus for allegedly stealing money from a shop.

Francis Obeng Amoako and 5 others have been arrested after the Agogo Police in the Ashanti region chanced on the viral video.

The video showed how they subjected the teenager to torture before the 79-year-old inserted the stick in his anus.

In the video, the 16-year-old’s hands were tied behind his back and his legs tied as well, while the 6 men beat him up.

Though he shouted for help and asked his oppressors to have mercy on him, that didn’t stop them from carrying out their planned intentions against him.

After carrying out their operations, they released the teenager to go home.

The police are searching for the boy. As it stands now, it is unclear whether he is dead or alive.

79-year-0ld Francis Obeng Amoako has confessed to committing the crime with 5 other colleagues.

They are; Kofi Asadu, 29, Francis Obeng Amoako, 79, Obeng Mensah, 30, Osei Bonsu, 53, Boakye Danquah, 65 and Kwasi Marfo 24.