31-year-old father jailed for 20 years after defiling daughter


A circuit court in Accra has sentenced 31-year-old, Joseph Kodua, to 20 years imprisonment for defiling his 12-year-old biological daughter and threatening her with death.

Presenting the facts of the case in the court presided over by Mrs Christiana Cannhasr, prosecutors say Joseph Kodua, on June 15, 2019 went to pick up his daughter who had been living with her auntie at Agbogba in Accra to work without the consent of the woman.

Joseph Kodua, who is a security man, gave the excuse that it was late for him to return his daughter to the auntie’s house, and so kept her overnight.

“That night, Joseph Kodua made several sexual advances at his daughter. He further threatened to kill her with a hacksaw blade and a knife if she resisted him or refused to comply with his sexual demands.

“After succeeding with the threats, he forcibly had sexual intercourse with her,” according to a Citi FM report.

The next morning, Joseph Kodua returned his daughter to the auntie.

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According to the report, on July 17, 2019, Joseph Kodua went to his daughter’s school to pick her up again but suspecting the child’s ordeal the school denied him access and reported the abuse to the victim’s auntie.

The Madina DOVVSU was subsequently informed leading to his arrest.

During interrogation, the victim confirmed her sexual ordeal to the police.

Joseph Kodua later admitted to having raped his daughter and was convicted on his own plea.

Source: ghanaweb