About 1,680 women entrepreneurs trained and certified in Northern Region


About fourteen women groups consisting of shea nut pickers and shea butter producers have been trained and certified under the organic and fair trade program initiative in the Northern Region.

The women were being audited and honoured certificates to sell their product on the international market.

The initiative is considered to be the first direct financial support to Women Lead Enterprises, to acquire a fair trade certificate through the UNDP Global Environment, which started in 2019 by local NGO to facilitate Small Grants Program to help women entrepreneurs gain more competitive advantage on the local and international market.

At the inauguration of Sustainable Shea Butter Training and Fair Trade Project at Sugu in the Northern Region, Dr Angelo assured that the acceptance of the product is marked as lucrative.

She encouraged that more women entrepreneurs will take advantage of the opportunity to make a better and more sustainable livelihood.

“The more women are empowered, the more they’re eliminating the challenges of poverty, inequality and food insecurity in the country,” she said.

She therefore called on the managers to apply professionalism and skills to their daily activities to improve success and career impact.