Akufo-Addo assures a violence-free election and vows to accept outcome


President Akufo-Addo has assured of an incident-free general election in December.

According to him, the conduct of the polls would be such that the outcome will be accepted by all participating parties.

“Government is going to do whatever it takes to ensure that the forthcoming campaign and elections are conducted in a good atmosphere.”

Addressing members of the Ziavi Traditional Area in the Volta region, the President expressed confidence that the country will come out of the elections with its democratic credential fully intact.

Ghana will be going to the polls on December 7 this year, to elect a president and parliamentarians to steer the affairs of the country for the next four years.

There has been a lot of calls against the Electoral Commission (EC)’s demand for a new voters’ register for the 2020 elections.

According to the Commission, the current register is not fit for purpose thus the need for a new one.

Former President John Mahama has cautioned the EC against the compilation of a new voter’s register.

Reiterating the stance of the coalition against a new voters’ register, he said the time left for the general election is woefully inadequate to undertake the exercise.

Speaking to some Western region fisher folks who paid a courtesy call on him at his Cantonments office on Wednesday, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer said the EC Chairperson, Jean Mensah, and her outfit will be held responsible if the country is plunged into turmoil after the 2020 general elections.

“So if on December 7, 2020, we all go to our polling stations to vote and the machines fail or a lot of people don’t find their names and the election doesn’t go down well, then what are we going to do.

“That is why we [Inter-Party Resistance Against New Voters’ Register] are telling Jean Mensah and her outfit that they should be careful,” he said.

But President Akufo-Addo has assured that nothing will happen.

Describing Ghana as “a beacon of democracy on the African continent,” the President expressed his determination to consolidate the reputation.

But a peaceful process, the President believes, will be achieved when “elections are held in a good atmosphere and the results are easily accepted by all and sundry – winners and losers alike.”


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