All civil servants, employees to be fired if fails promotion interview 3 times


A new regulation promulgated under the Civil Service in Ghana will now terminate the appointment of civil servants and public sector employees who fail their promotion interview for three consecutive times.

The Civil Service Council signed the new law at its meeting held on Thursday 27th August, 2020.

The Council by consensus has thus approved Section of the Public Services Commission Human Resources Management Policy Framework and Manual for the Ghana Public Services to update the law that states:

“a candidate who fails a promotion interview for two (2) consecutive times shall remain at that candidate’s position for another two years within which the candidate will be put on a Performance Improvement Programme (PIP) before re-applying for consideration for promotion if vacancies are declared. Where a candidate fails an interview for the third time, the appointment of the candidate shall be terminated.”

A circular issued by the Head of the Civil Service to all Chief Directors, Heads of Department, and sighted by said Ministries and Departments are expected to submit annual progress reports on the Performance Improvement Programmes of affected Officers prior to the next interview.

Source: Kasapa FM