All members of Pentecost Chruch fully in support of anti-LGBTQ+ bill – Chairman


Chairman of Pentecost Church of Ghana, Apostle Opoku Onyinah has said the flock he leads is fully in support of the anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex, LGBTQ+; bill currently before Parliament.

He disclosed this to journalists in Parliament on October 6, 2021; when the Church along with other Christian groups presented memoranda to lawmakers.

According to him, members of the church account for 10.38% of the Ghanaian population, which percentage translates to 3,196,605 people, adding that they, en bloc, support the bill to be passed.

“The Church of Pentecost with our population of 3,196,605 is supporting this bill that is before the floor of Parliament. We want to encourage our Parliamentarians to argue and argue well and know that they are creations of God. They didn’t come out of apes.

He continued: “And so they shouldn’t use science as the base. They should know that the one who made the creation has the right to determine as to how the creation should behave and the other creators should not tell us how the other creations should behave.”

He stressed that the consequence of entertaining such a law today may not be in the immediate term but that in the future, it will translate to Ghana accepting same sex marriage.

He tasked President Akufo-Addo to stand his grounds on the issue warning thus: “He should close the door at where it matters and he should close it now.”

With respect to the recent pro-LGBTQI+ memo submitted by some academicians and lawyers, he posited that the movement was an insult to God. “This movement is an insult to the intelligence of God, the Creator. They are just trying to tell God that You didn’t think enough. This is how it should have been.

“And if you have a society where there are no absolutes, soon there will be no law and we have to be very careful and our lawyers who are arguing for all this. The matter on the floor is not about rights, it is about morality.”

He revealed that the Church and other allies had presented six memos to Parliament accompanied with 15,000 signatures to back their memo.

Source: ghanaweb