Avoid promise what you can’t do – Catholic Bishops implore politicians


The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference has called on Ghanaian politicians to avoid making campaign promises to the electorate that they know they cannot fulfil when they assume the reins of power.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference made the comment in a communiqué issued at the end of its annual Plenary Assembly held at Keta in the Volta Region’

It was held from Tuesday, 3 November to Thursday, 13 November 2020.

The Plenary Assembly was held under the theme: ‘The Word of God: Christian Formation for Transformation in Ghana.’

According to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, making unachievable promises to the electorate is tantamount to deceit.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference also urged politicians and their supporters to “avoid hate-filled statements and expressions that elicit revenge and vendetta.”

The Bishops further called on “party leaders, parliamentary and presidential candidates to conduct themselves honourably and to respect their opponents both in their utterances and actions.”

Source: Class FM