The Bible Society of Ghana has launched a new revised Akuapem–Twi Bible at Akropong Grace Presbyterian Church in the Eastern Region with a call on Christians to study the Bible in their mother tongue, so as to apply it daily.

A photo from the launch of the Akuapem Twi Bible

A retired Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Charles Ahwireng who made the call further charged Christians to see the Bible as a true spiritual book of God.

The Akuapems are the second group of people to have the Bible translated.

He urged everyone to seek Christ in all their endeavors and always worship God in truth and diligence.

The General Secretary of the Bible Society of Ghana, BSG, Rev. Dr. Enoch Aryee-Atta urged Ghanaians, especially Christians to patronize the work of the society and participate in their programmes in order to increase awareness of the activities of the society.

Rev. Dr. Aryee-Atta further advised Christians to procure the newly translated version of the Akuapem Twi Bible.

According to him, the Bible Society of Ghana has successfully translated the Bible into nine major Ghanaian Languages namely, Asante Twi, Akuapem Twi, Ga, Mfantse, Ewe, Dagbani, Dangme, Nzema and Esahie- Sefwi.

The Bible Society of Ghana set out to revise all three Akan languages, looking out for general issues such as language, grammar and syntax.

Some of the new features include Genesis which has now been revised to Gyenesis or ‘Mfitiase’ Awurade now AWURADE in block letters, Deuteronomy now Mmara no Ntimu, among others.

Source: gbcghanaonline