BOTSWANA: Schools, businesses reopen as lockdown lifted


Botswana has completed the phased easing of restrictions and will now allow businesses and schools to reopen under strict guidelines.

The country was in lockdown for 48 days and started easing it two weeks ago.

The final phase ended on Wednesday night and government advised people to keep wearing face masks and washing hands.

“All lockdown restrictions will be lifted effective [from] midnight, with only those moving across the designated zones requiring permits to travel,” Covid-19 Task Force Co-ordinator Dr Kereng Masupu said in a televised briefing.

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“Depending on the coronavirus disease pattern, a return to lockdown will remain an option.”

Stringent conditions have been set for businesses and schools wishing to reopen such as checking body temperatures, regular disinfection and the wearing of masks.

Residents returning back to the country will have to go into mandatory quarantine and the ban of foreign visitors remains in place.

Botswana has a relatively low number of Covid-19 infections with 29 cases recorded. One person has died.


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