British based EasyJet to scale up flights across Europe


EasyJet has announced its plans to scale up flights over the summer, boosting summer holiday hopes for people living in the UK.

The carries aims to increase its flight schedule to 20 per cent of 2019 capacity level between April and June, up from the 14 per cent seen between October and March.

Johan Lundgren, the budget airline’s chief executive said the firm looked forward “to being able to reunite people with their families or take them on leisure and business flights once again”.

Mr Lundgren also called on ministers to reduce the cost of coronavirus tests which passengers will need to take before they travel.

This comes as the percentage of people in England, Wales and Scotland with Covid-19 antibodies has levelled off, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

Although the antibody positivity rate fell in these three countries in the week up to 28 March, it increased in Northern Ireland, where it was 54.5 per cent, up from 50.0 per cent the previous week.

Source: The Independent