Business booming for UK based naked cleaners that charges 700 GHS per hour


With businesses in trouble all across the UK as the pandemic’s fallout hits the economy, innovation has become the name of the game. But how do you innovate in the home-cleaning industry, which is fairly humdrum: wiping; washing; sweeping; disinfecting ….

How about you assemble a team of females who are easy on the eye – and then offer their services as naked, topless or lingerie-clad cleaners of homes around Britain?

Ridiculous? Crude? Yes. Sexist? Yes. Popular? Yes, that too.

Business has never been better

In fact, the owner of the Naked Cleaning Company has told the UK publication Lad Bible that she’s never been busier.

“I think our job is now more important than ever, given the current situation, and business has been very good; the demand for a naked cleaner has soared,” Nikki Belton told the publication.

“Everybody’s been struggling throughout the lockdown and we hope to help clean away coronavirus, one naked cleaner at a time.”

Being a ‘friend’ to the lonely

Getting rid of the virus from the country’s homes is, of course, an excellent idea. Although one somehow doubts that Nikki’s offering has been approved by the National Health Service (NHS) for this purpose.

Belton continues: “I’ve had lots of feedback from my cleaners who say they have been a friend for some who’ve been on their own in lockdown and this was their first opportunity for them to socialise.

“The clients have said that it’s just nice to see a happy face again, especially those who have been by themselves for months who might be lonely,” she told

Ah, so not only is the business a virus-buster; it’s also a lockdown lonely heart club service.

A service for professionals

Unsurprisingly, Granny Mary and spinster Aunt May are not the primary clients of the Naked Cleaning Company. The company says its clientele is mainly men who want their house cleaned by women, and they are providing a “discrete service for busy professionals”.

If you’d like a cute cleaner or sexy sanitiser to pop around to your home, you’ll pay £75 (556 Cedis) per hour for topless and lingerie cleaning, and £95 (704 Cedis) per hour for the fully naked option.

Source: australiantimes