CHINA: Wuhan conducts 1.5 million tests in one day


Wuhan, the Chinese city where the new coronavirus first emerged late last year, tested 1,470,950 people for the disease on Friday, health officials said.

Earlier this month, city authorities set themselves the ambitious target of testing the entire 11 million population in less than two weeks. They believe it is the best way to ensure the safe reopening of businesses and schools.

The campaign aims to find asymptomatic carriers – people who are infected but show no outward sign of being ill.

The number of daily tests has gradually been ramped up. On 18 May the city conducted 467,847 nucleic acid tests and by Thursday that daily figure had risen to more than one million.

It comes as China reported no new confirmed cases on the mainland for the first time since the outbreak began. The country has recorded more than 84,000 infections and 4,600 deaths.

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