Chloe X Halle Open Up About Social Activism, Their New Album And The Advice They’ve Received From Beyoncé: “The First Thing She Told Us Was The ‘No-Scroll Rule’”


Chloe X Halle open up about their new album, social activism, and the best advice they’ve received from Beyoncé.

From singing on YouTube to killing it on some of the biggest stages, and acting on the show Grown-ish to their new profile in Vanity Fair, Chloe and Halle Bailey are truly the young stars that are cementing their space in the entertainment industry. In their new Vanity Fair feature, the ladies start off talking about their fresh beginnings, singing, and performing at a camp talent show at just the ages of five and seven. “We sang ‘Summertime,’” said Halle. “After hearing all our friends cheering for us, we just never stopped singing.”

The songbirds have been growing ever since they covered Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” on YouTube from their childhood home in Atlanta. And just a week later, Parkwood Entertainment, Bey’s management, and entertainment company reached out to sign the two ladies. Now, the two have dropped three albums, including their latest, Ungodly Hour, with many of its songs produced by Chloe, 22.

In their journey to stardom, the sisters say Beyoncé has acted not only as a manager but as a mentor and guide, who doesn’t mind giving them some advice on how to navigate the world as artists. “The first thing she told us was the ‘no-scroll rule,’” said Chloe. “Whether it’s positive or negative comments, just don’t scroll. That one negative thing could affect you. The second was to never dumb ourselves down for the world. Just let them catch up to us and our sound.”

Ungodly Hour was initially set to drop on June 5, in the midst of the George Floyd protests, but the sisters decided to postpone its debut. “The week was so much bigger than us,” said Halle, 20. “It’s traumatizing as a person of color when you see somebody that looks like they could be your family die on the street. We’re Black women; we’ve seen these experiences happen for a long time. Justice is all we’ve ever wanted, and music has been healing since the beginning of our lives.” With that, the sisters say they will continue to use their platform to promote social change. “All of our ancestors fought for the right to vote,” says Chloe. “There are so many crazy things happening in the world, and we could help put a stop to that through voting.”

Despite the pandemic applying pressure for social distancing, that hasn’t stopped the singers from putting on full-blown performances. While the two don’t play tennis, they’ve been using their backyard tennis court for virtual performances, including for the BET Awards, the Today show, Global Citizen, and YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020,” Vanity Fair reports. “We don’t even play tennis,” said Chloe. “But it’s transformed into our very own arena.”

As for Halle’s upcoming role as Ariel in the “Little Mermaid,” many of the characters will be animated, but Halle says it will be her in the flesh. “It will be me.”



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