Coronavirus: Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney to self-isolate for 14 days following contact with team mate


Tierney is required to self-isolate for 14 days from Tuesday, October 6 following contact with team mate, Armstrong while on duty with Scotland.

A Scottish FA statement confirmed Armstrong initially tested negative when arriving for Scotland training on Monday, but then saw a supplementary UEFA test return a positive result on Wednesday morning.

All other members of the squad returned negative results, but Tierney and Christie – plus one physiotherapist and one masseur – were all deemed to have come in close contact with Armstrong.

Arsenal and ‘frustrated’ Tierney seeking clarification

An Arsenal statement confirmed the club want more details as to why Tierney has been asked to self-isolate, claiming their player was socially distant “at all times” from Armstrong.

It read: “Our medical team have confirmed that Kieran was socially distant at all times from the player who tested positive and has broken no rules regarding COVID-19 protocols. We are currently seeking further advice and clarification of the details.”

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The statement added that Tierney told the club: “I’m so disappointed and frustrated to be in this situation. I have adhered to all regulations and made sure I was socially distancing from my team mates in the hotel. I’ve also tested negative. I know Arsenal and the SFA are now in discussions with the Scottish authorities to gain a further understanding.”

Source: Skysports