Court summons Ken Agyapong’s doctor over alleged coronavirus complications


The court presided over by Justice Amos Wuntah Wuni after hearing counsel said the contemnor was not present in court for proceedings to continue.

“Indeed a medical excuse duty and attached form has been attached to a cover letter and medical report under the seal of counsel asking for a 14-day adjournment from, September 26 to October 10, 2020.

The court said, “under the circumstance granted the request and adjourned the case.”


However, the court has summoned the medical doctor of Holy Trinity Medical Centre/Spa and Health to appear before it on October 1, to speak to the medical excuse duty of Ken Agyapong.

The court said “We have to create a good country for ourselves. The way excuse duties reports are written these days, somebody must speak to it.”

Source: Kasapa FM