DC Young Fly Explains Why He Wouldn’t Want To Take Over The Hosting Duties On ‘Wild N Out’


By now, many of you know a few months back Viacomterminated their relationship with Nick Cannon following comments he made on his podcast. His hit series #WildNOut is under the network, which left many fans wondering what would happen to the show.

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Karlous Miller, who are also known as #The85SouthShow, talked about the show’s impact on their careers, whether they would return without Nick, what’s next, and more.

DC Young Fly was asked if he would host the show, seeing as how many people thought he was being groomed to be the next host, and he said, “I want for it to be given to me from the OG. It’s his sh*t, it’s not corporate sh*t. Corporate didn’t hire me, Nick hired me. It would be a backstab for me to go for me to be like ‘alright corporate what ya’ll want me to do,’ but I know how the game gets. Ya’ll don’t f*ck with me like that, ya’ll only f*ck with what I can bring you. I want to be a part of a family.”

He continued to explain that on the set of “Wild N Out,” they were all like family members each time they were on set working with each other.

DC stated that at the time when Nick faced backlash it was initially hard to find him because he needed a moment to himself, nonetheless, they are still behind him and supporting him.