Dead bodies infecting people with covid-19 – Mortuary workers cry out


The General Secretary for the Mortuary workers association of Ghana (MOWAG), Kofi Jordan, has said the association’s appeal to government for PPE’s have fallen on deaf ears.

According to him, most members of the association buy PPEs with their own monies in order to prevent themselves from contracting the virus.

Kofi Jordan said this while contributing as a panel member on Atinka TV’s maiden Stakeholders Breakfast Dialogue on the new COVID-19 variant moderated by Ekourba Gyasi.

The General Secretary for MOWAG called on government to hasten its distribution of PPE’s, especially to his outfit to protect them.

Commenting on the COVID-19 deaths, Kofi Jordan noted that the figures of government do not tally with theirs.

“We have called on government to give us PPEs, but it seems it is never coming. To make matters worse, people have died without knowing it was COVID-19. When such bodies are brought to the mortuaries for preservation their fluid gets into contact with other dead bodies. And we should bear in mind that not all families request for autopsies. Families come for the bodies of their relatives who didn’t die of COVID-19 and bath them for interment. Because the family didn’t know that their bodies had come into contact with covid-19 bodies,  they also get infected at the end of the day,” Kofi Jordan added.

Ghana has recorded 696 new cases of the coronavirus bringing the total number of recorded cases in the country to 6,086.

The death toll is pegged at 440.

Source: Atinka Online