Delta Airline Begin Serving ‘Spiked Seltzer’ On All Domestic Flights

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - DECEMBER 12, 2018: A Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90 passenger jet taxis after landing at San Antonio International Airport in Texas. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images) Credit: Bon & Viv

Airline food and beverage offerings tend to be pretty underwhelming — and expensive! — but Delta is stepping up their game with the introduction of increasingly popular spiked seltzers.

The airline company announced on their website that they will be offering Bon & Viv spiked seltzers on all domestic flights. As of now, two flavors will be available onboard: grapefruit and lemon-lime.

The 12-oz. seltzers will be free for customers in Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class and Delta Comfort+. Travelers in the main cabin can purchase cans for $8 a piece. The seltzers have already started rolling out and should be available on every flight by the end of the month.

The introduction of Bon & Viv was first tested in Delta Sky Clubs with an overwhelmingly positive response.

“We have a keen focus on listening to customer feedback and innovating our food and beverage programs to provide more choice,” said Mike Crowley, Vice President of on-board service operations at Delta. “Spiked seltzer has been a fast-growing trend in the beverage industry, so we knew it was something our customers wanted.”

Delta is the third airline behind JetBlue and American Airlines to add spiked seltzer to the in-flight menu. This past November, JetBlue announced that Truly Wild Berry would be taking flight. The cans are available on domestic flights and can be purchased for $8. American Airlines also added Truly Wild Berry to their in-flight offerings in January.