The German Ambassador to Ghana H.E Daniel Krull has advised the government to encourage farmers to venture into full-scale organic farming to help them become more resilient to the economic crisis.

Venture into organic farming

According to him, organic farming will not only improve the livelihoods of farmers and their families but will also have an enormous positive impact on the country’s trade balance as the government will stop the importation of fertilizers, pesticides and also reduce the importation of food.

Speaking at the Maiden Ecoland Organic Farmers Day Celebration held in Bunso, H.E Daniel Krull indicated that only organic farming guarantees greater fertility of the land and will help farmers and their families become more resilient to the economic crisis.

Organic farming will work only if we put up the right attitude. The right attitude is respecting the rule of law and the rule of nature.

We have a future to build ourselves to a middle class in organic farming, so let’s all join and make this work.

We have to plant our own food and eat our food and plant it in surplus so we can send some somewhere and get the needed foreign exchange.”

The President of Ecoland International Rudolf Buhler whose company has taken a giant step in the cultivation of organic ginger in Bunso addressing the gathering indicated that organic agriculture is the only sustainable climate and environmentally friendly way of land use and food production.