ECOWAS soar towards ECO currency for the sub-region


According to information sighted by GhanaTalksRadio, the 59th ordinary summit of ECOWAS heads of state and leaders, in the sub-region of the West Africa were held in Accra last Friday, 19th June, 2021. The aim of the summit was to set a new roadmap to implementing the ECOWAS common currency for the sub-region.

Although, attendants consisted of various heads of state from the sub-regions, except Mali, which was denied group due to the back-to-back coup that has befell the country in recent times.

Some of the meeting agenda was putting down strategies to implement the ECOWAS currency. 
Moreover, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal, came as competent countries, capable of leading the way of producing vaccines in the sub-regions, since access to the vaccine is major problem for West African leaders.

Also, the African Development Bank is investing $3 billion dollars in support for Africa – to produce vaccines in fight against the ravaging pandemic that has crippled a lot of economies. The summit agreed that the states would make both private and public investments to bring the economy back to in line.

In addition, agreement was reached to reopen Guinea, Sierra Leone and Senegal border which has been closed. 

On Mali, ECOWAS still remained suspended from the sub-region body, though there are positive developments in Mali. ECOWAS still maintained suspension in place, in order to ensure the country’s return to civilian rule, which ECOWAS roadmap followed.

In conclusion, President Akufo-Addo was recommended for the bold decision, and will ensure cost effectiveness of ECOWAS.