Election 2020: JOY dumps presidential race, settles for running mate slot


Independent candidate Jacob Osei Yeboah has revealed that he will not be running as the independent presidential front runner in the 2020 polls.

Instead, he has indicated intentions of rallying behind independent candidate Alfred Kwame Asiedu Walker as his back bone in the upcoming elections.

Speaking to pressmen after submitting nomination forms at the Electoral Commission, Mr. Osei Yeboah stated that it was time for him to partner another independent candidate who is like-minded.

JOY, as he is popularly known, prior to this, had contested for the presidential seat as an independent candidate for two consecutive election years; 2012 and 2016.

With his ‘All Inclusive’ approach, he advocated for an all-hands-on-deck approach which he said he’ll implement, by inviting suitable personalities to form a unity government to transform the nation.

Meanwhile, Kwame Alfred Asiedu Walker is the youngest son of nine children. His parental and ancestry lineage spans across the lengths and breaths of Ghana.

Kwame’s father, Nana Kwame Okanta Obrantiri was King of Larteh Akuapim. The paramount ruler of the Guan tribe and traditional areas which is the royal seat of the Guan tribe of Ghana and to date comprises a huge component of Ghana’s population. His mother, Beatrice Amma Adobea Quashie was the daughter of the late Nana Kwasi Vaadze Nyarko Quashie, “King of Boso”, paramount ruler of the Anum Boso tribe and traditional areas.

In 2016, following demands from a growing section of Ghanaian electorate for a break in the apparent 2-party system, Kwame set out to contest in Ghana’s Presidential race as an independent candidate, but was unfortunately not shortlisted by the Electoral Commission.

He later took legal action against the EC to reinstate his candidacy in the 2016 elections, but unfortunately that did not yield positive results.

Source: ghanaweb