Erosion threatens to wipe Nuriya Islamic School building at Tamale out of existence


Some classroom blocks of Nuriya Islamic School at Bulpiela in the Tamale South constituency have been threatened by a deep gully erosion that has inched into some of the school blocks foundations.

GhanaWeb’s tour to the school can report that almost all the school blocks have been affected by the erosion, therefore need immediate attention.

Speaking to the assemblyman of the area, Hon. Abubakari Issah, he attributed the cause of the erosion to improper siting of the school buildings.

“ Some of the structures seem to be standing on the waterways……and if the water should come, it needs access to pass through and once the structures are standing on its way, it will have to invade the structures” He stated.

He added that, the other problem is the lack of gutters for which the water can easily flow through, hence it forcefully trickles itself out of the small spaces left, leading to the deep gully erosion created.

Hon. Issah expressed worry that, if the situation is not solved, he fears it will become a trap that both students and their teachers can easily fall in, and possibly hurt themselves when schools finally resume.

He further indicated that, there is a ring road yet to be constructed at the back of the school, which when constructed, will minimize the volume of water passing through the school, hence will curb the situation.

He, however, hinted plans to engage with the school authorities to find a temporal solution to the problem, till the road and drain which is expected to curb the situation is constructed.

“I will engage the management of the school to see the temporal measures that we can put in place to ensure that students and teachers are safe until we have a permanent solution.”

GhanaWeb can as well report that most of the doors and windows of the classrooms were missing and the few which were there had spoilt locks, leaving the classrooms open to animals.

Source: ghanaweb