Ga-Dangme Muslim Council holds special prayer for Homecoming 2021


The Ga-Dangme Muslim Council, under the auspices of the Office of the Greater Accra Regional Chief Imam, has held the Ga- Dangme Homecoming 2021 Special Prayers.

The occasion which was held on Friday brought together Ga- Dangmes, Ga Traditional Chiefs and the Muslim Community to offer special prayers to commence activities geared towards the development of the Ga-Dangme state.

Nii Amoo Dodoo, Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Homecoming, speaking at the event said their people were dispersed and scattered globally, hence they had decided to come home to help develop the Ga- Dangme State.

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“It is time for unity, it is a collective duty and we know it will be difficult to bring all of us together but any Ga- Dangme we approached agreed to help,” he said.

Nii Dodoo said they had come back home to help develop the Ga- Dangme State with their experiences, expertise and skills acquired from living abroad for several years.

He said they would build a state-of-the-art Ga- Dangme Resource Centre which would house facilities, including a printing press for writers, conference rooms and museum for keeping records for the State.

He said they would launch an Education Fund in August this year, in order to give their children equal rights to education, and would sponsor those who needed help when there were opportunities to study abroad.

The Chairman appealed to the people of Ga- Dangme to invest in the education of their children since it was the only legacy that could not be stolen from them, and called for their support in bringing development to the Ga-Dangme.

Mr Abdul Rauf Abbey, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Ga-Dangme, said the Homecoming event was aimed at welcoming Ga- Dangmes who had been outside the country for long, and were back to aid in the development of the Ga-Dangme community.

Ga-Dangme Muslim Council

Mr Abbey said there was the need for more collaboration between the local Ga-Dangme State people and the Ga-Dangme diasporians to enhance their socio-economic and cultural development as their economic, cultural and social norms of the state were dwindling.

“Diasporian factor in development is very important, it is therefore the reason for our people coming down to help in our development as a Ga-Dangme State,” he said.

He urged other ethnic groups living in Accra not to panic as the people from the diaspora were coming to help develop the Ga-Dangme state and for that matter, the Greater Accra Region, adding that they were not coming to marginalise people but for development.

Mr Abbey called for peaceful co-existence of all ethnicities in order to develop the region together. 

Source: GNA