GAPFA announces new prices for eggs, as farmers battle outbreak of bird flu


President of the Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association (GAPFA), Madam Gifty Rhodo has appealed to the Government to equip the veterinary directorates with the necessary training and logistics needed to control the bird flu disease in the country.

Madam Gifty said, “I will use this medium to appeal to the Government to well equip the veterinary directorates with the needed logistics and training that they need for us to be able to control the outbreak of the disease.”

She further highlighted on some challenges facing the poultry industry, saying “we are having many other issues confronting us that we want to address and perhaps bring to the general public attention to be well informed and support us in pleading to the Government on our behalf.”

She continued that, “we want to inform the general public of the necessity for us to increase our egg prices. So we are using this opportunity to inform them that if they go to the market and the egg seller increases the prices they shouldn’t think that famers want to make more profit.”

Due to the increased cost in the feed ingredients that made the prices of eggs gone up effective from today, August 11, with the crate of large size of eggs – which were previously sold for GH19.00 – is now selling at GH24.00. A crate of medium size of eggs previously sold at GH18.00 is now selling at GH22.00, and the small size of eggs of creat sold at GH16.00 is now selling at GH20.00.

While the unsought eggs are going for 22.00 per crate and the pullet, which was formally sold at GH14.00 is now selling at GH18.00