Gays, lesbians nothing but an abomination to God’s order – National Chief Imam


The Office of the National Chief Imam, His Eminence Sheikh Dr Usmanu Nuhu Sharubutu has condemned same-sex relations amid a rising debate over the act.

A press statement issued by his spokesperson, Sheikh Armiyao Shuaib, stated that Islam does not encourage same-sex marriage and the office was therefore calling on Ghanaians to kick against it.

It further stated that “Islam stands vehemently opposed to homosexual inclinations because it constitutes a dangerous threat to the existence and sanity of human family values.

“According to the Quranic guidance, the pairing of male and female is a requirement for human procreation which is integral to the natural order. Any sexual inclinations that run counter to God’s natural order are considered an abomination, an aberration and therefore completely objectionable and reprehensive.”

The press release captured four major issues on the LGBTQ+ which runs contrary to the Islamic religion. Additionally, the National Chief Imam is calling on the government to clearly state its position on the issue.

“We, therefore, call on the government to clearly state its position on the recent outdooring of the LGBTQI community space. We further call on the government as a matter of urgency to ensure the immediate closure of the LGBTQI community space,” it added.

Source: ghanaweb