Ghana aims to promote trade, investment and tourism with Volta Region fair push


The 2021 fair seeks to creat investment and trade opportunities for the thriving businesses and tourism destinations in the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa said.
He explained that businesses and tourism destinations under-performing needed push to take advantage of the broad Ghanaian market and attract Foreign Direct Investment into the region.

On promoting the tourism and investment potential of the Volta Region, a similar fair was held in 2019 to showcase the culture, tradition, trade, and investment opportunity in the region, he added.

Also, he mentioned that 2021 Volta fair is scheduled to take place on 15th to 28th of November, 2021.

“There are a lot of wonderful things happening around. During the 2019 Fair in Ho, I was amazed by the kinds of things happening in the Volta Region that many of us were not aware of.. that is the reason why these events will be annual, so that we can expose to the outside world the good things that are happening, so that we can also encourage others to come on board, that is the whole purpose of the fair…. That is the Volta trade and investment fair.. which will be on the 15th to 28th November, and we want to invite everyone to come.”

The campaign is an initiative of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council in conjunction with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Eastern/Volta/Oti branch of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), also formed part of activities leading to the 2021 Volta Trade and Investment Fair as a result of  campaign dubbed  #VisitVolta aimed to creating awareness for the region’s tourism and investment potential and the upcoming fair.