Ghana must be ready to face any form of terrorist attack – Analyst


A security analyst, Mr Adams Bonna has warned that no country can boast of adequate and full mechanism to handling any potential terrorist attack.

He said certain precautions must always be in place to face such attack and by so doing, the country would have ensured adequate preparation to any form of attack by anyone or group of people.

“No country can conclusively say that it is adequately prepared for terror attack. It is never going to happen but there are certain things every country including Ghana we should be doing.

“First of all is to prevent it from happening and there are several ways to do that. One will have to do with education on the path of citizens what are the pointers of someone who is likely to attack us, what are the pointers identifying terrorist, why the terrorist wants to attack certain area and what information will we be collecting and sharing with.

“For instance do we have an emergency number that I should call if I spotted somebody who is talking about bombing this country or talking us hostage. Do I call the police emergency line or we have a special anti-terrorist unit number that I should call and once I call that number they will pick it and make sure to speak to me behind the scenes for more information to apprehend these people.

We need to ensure preventive measures at the borders so that bad people don’t come in at all.”