Ghana Polls: Long queue continue to surge at St. Dominicpollingstation at Dormaa Central


Voters stood in long queues as early as 0445 hours at the St Dominic Preparatory School Polling Centre in the Dormaa Central Constituency of the Bono Region waiting to cast their ballots for this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

As many as 45 people were anxiously waiting for the Electoral Commission (EC) officials to open the polls.

A female security officer present told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) she witnessed the arrival of all materials, with the exception of the ballot box and voters’ register.

She said, however, that the Presiding Officer had gone to the office of the Electoral Commission (EC) to collect the ballot box and the register.

“I arrived at the polling centre around 0030hours and met four people already there but the EC officials had not yet arrived with their materials,” Adams Gado, a staff at the Accounts office of the Dormaa Central Municipal Assembly, said.

“Even though today is a public holiday, I have come to vote early so I can go and do few things at the office,” he added.

Source: GNA