Ghana Polls: Uncovered ballot box in Cantonments delays voting exercise


People at the Civil Service Centre Cantonments A Polling station in the Dade-Kotopon Constituency have had some challenges while trying to cast their vote.

Voting as everyone expects is supposed to start at exactly 7 am but not in the case of the people of Cantonment as their voting had to delay due to an uncovered ballot box.

This is because one of their ballot boxes did not come with a cover and the quest to find one delayed them in casting their vote.

Officials at the polling station tried to find a fitting cover for the box but to no avail.

Few minutes after trying to find another cover for the box, they still could not find a perfect fit so officials at the polling station opted for another ballot box.

New ballot boxes with fit covers came in around 7:55 am and voting proceeded afterwards.

Source: e.TV Ghana