Ghana to host Animal Husbandry B2B online meeting under the auspices of VIV Qingdao


VIV Qingdao is the biggest international Animal Husbandry expo in the world. In China, from 17th to 19th September and Ghana-China Trader in partnership with Grand International Exhibition Company Limited, Beijing is hosting the opening Ghana-China B2B Matchmaking on the 17th September 2020 at 8:00am to 11:00am on zoom.

VIV Qingdao is the largest Animal Husbandry International Show which assembles 400 manufacturers and dealers of livestock equipment, materials and technology from feed, medicine, food to chicken, piggery, cattle, horses.

The opening B2B Meeting sponsored by Ghana-China Trader and Grand International Exhibition Co. Ltd. will offer great opportunity for business exchanges and connections; product franchising and agency deals; new solutions in cattle rearing, fish farming, meat processing, poultry, piggery, dairy products, animal equipments and technologies, amazing innovation in the animal husbandry sector.

The Ghana-China meeting would be broadcasted on Chinese national television.

Join the link to experience to participate in this great event

Source: Ghana-China Trader


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