Ghanaian fraudster calls FBI for help after his accomplice fled with $10 million


A Ghanaian man has taken it upon himself to call the FBI, after his fraudster friend, Ruph Awuni refused to give him his “50-50” share of their “unemployment” fraud.

The Ghanaian fraudster, who revealed his name as John, said that him alongside his friend specialize in stealing people’s identities and using them in applying for what he termed as “unemployment” benefits.

According to him, his friend, who is based in Illinois, U.S.A, steals identities of unsuspecting Americans and forwards them to him, which he in turn finishes the job by applying for the benefits right from his home in Ghana.

He added that, their fraudulent activities are not restricted to one U.S state, he said that they file for unemployment in all U.S States and have accrued at least $10 million from the fraudulent act.

He further assures the FBI that he is fully ready to teach them the means through which he carries out his unscrupulous activities.

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