Ghanaians form Central Pennsylvania Ghanaian Association to serve Ghanaian communities


On Sunday, July 19, 2020, Ghanaians living in and around Central Pennsylvania formed the first ever Central Pennsylvania Ghanaian Association (CEPGA), dedicated to serving the Ghanaian communities in Central Pennsylvania.

Central Pennsylvania includes the cities and towns of Harrisburg-Carlisle, Lancaster, York- Hanover, Reading, Chambersburg, Lebanon, and Gettysburg, amongst others.

It is home to a diversified industrial base, with a longstanding and strong manufacturing heritage. Several attempts have been made in the past to establish an association of Ghanaians in the region but has not been successful partly due to the commuting distances between the cities.

Opening the first General Interest Meeting, Mrs. Barbara Boateng (Interim Vice President) encouraged all members to register with the association and entreated them to invite other Ghanaians in and around central PA to join.

Mr. Joe Coleman (member of Council of Elders) cited examples on how other Ghanaian Associations in US, and Europe have made good progress by helping members and their immediate communities. He went on to say that CEPGA will foster a sense of unity by encouraging members to get together from time to time to discuss matters of mutual interest and that of Ghana and Central PA.

In his remarks, the Interim President, Mr. Henry Domi thanked the Interim Executives for their time and willingness to lead the association.

He pleaded with members to help build a strong and steady Ghanaian community in central PA. He encouraged all to contribute their knowledge, attend meetings, and be present at organized events.

He laid out his 5-year goal for the association as follows:

A) Engage in community service (volunteering) and to extend helping hands to needy communities in Central PA and Ghana through donations and projects.

B) Focus on obtaining a community center for Ghanaians and affiliates in Central PA.

C) Add more Ghanaian colors to the region by installing chiefs and queen mothers for Central PA.

D) Ensure that members can receive forms of assistance in the event of adverse life situations or celebratory events.

Currently, the association expects about 140 potential members, and is asking every Ghanaian in the Central Pennsylvania area and affiliates to be part of the association.

Please call the President (313-689-9660), Secretary (267-984-3415) or Treasurer

(717-379- 3913) if you have any questions.

Secretary Nancy

“Be Your Neighbors Keeper”



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