GIPC head calls for innovative solutions to strengthen Ghana’s economy


Chief Executive of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Mr R Yofi Grant, has called for the need to provide more innovative solution that will strengthen the Ghanaian economy.

Speaking at the launch of the maiden edition of the GIPC Annual Summit 2021, under the theme “We Are Awakening The Giant”.

Mr Yofi Grant, stated that the country’s economy has improved and there is the need to stand firm during this pandemic period.

But interestingly, Ghana still remains a country that is growing positively, although we did not achieved our target in 2020.

We still grow positively at 0.1%, while the rest of the regions contracted to some minus 3.3%.

The pandemic is still with us, and so, this calls for innovative ways and structures to revive our economy, businesses and also attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Ghana.

“Indeed, the USA is still a major attraction to FDI. China is probably one of the recipient of FDI and the Emerates is also a major destination for Foreign Direct Investment” Mr Grant said.

“And I believe that Ghana can position itself very well to also be a major attraction for FDI.” he continued.

“Over the past few years Ghana has been noted to be the most attractive place for investment in West Africa.”