GMet: Pay close attention to weather forecasts as second rainy season approaches


The second rainy season over Southern Ghana is expected from the second week of September, hence the need for the public to pay close attention to weather forecasts to plan their activities safely.

Madam Felicity Ahafianyo, the Acting Meteorological Officer in charge of Central Analysis and Forecasting, Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet), told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that the extreme atmospheric temperature being experienced in the country was the result of cold winds, which invaded Ghana over the sea.

“August is typically the coldest month in Ghana because of cold winds over the sea,” she said.

Madam Ahafianyo said with the sun currently moving towards the Southern Hemisphere to cross the Equator, which is expected between September 20 and 23, atmospheric temperature was expected to gradually rise.

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That was the natural result of the sun getting closer to the earth, she said, adding; “We would thus soon be having the normal bright and sunny days, as we move out of the current cold atmospheric weather conditions”.

Madam Ahafianyo said the GMet had the ability to forecast weather conditions and asked the public to rely on the forecasts to plan their activities.

Whilst Southern Ghana has two rainy seasons a year consisting of a major and a minor one, Northern Ghana has a single major annual rainy season.



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