Government must sit and negotiate with Togolanders – Kwesi Aning insists


Professor Kwesi Aning, a security expert is urging the government to be tactful and diplomatic in its bid to clamp down on the activities of the Western Togoland secessionist group.

Professor Aning intimates that the failure of the state to cut out at the group at its early stages has resulted in its growth and hence must be cautious about how its subsequent actions.

He recommended negotiation as the best possible way of handling the situation, warning that any attempt to use force could escalate the situation.

He noted that, in other countries, dialogue has been an effective tool in dealing with situations similar to what Ghana is facing now.

Dr Kwesi Aning shot down notions that Ghana will be showing weakness if it decides to jaw-jaw with the ‘rebels’.

“In the negotiation process, there is give and take. You don’t just use the law to punish people. The history of secessionism and the way these issues have been resolved does not speak to that (using force). In Liberia and Sierra and other affected nations, talking to those who feel excluded and have lifted arms against the state does not show weakness on the part of the state”, Professor Aning told Joy News.

The separatists have emerged in discussions after they carried out what has been described as ‘the most successful attack by a secession group in the sub-region’.

The group blocked major roads to the Volta Region and kidnapped three police officers.

One of the three officers has meanwhile been freed by the police.

So far, thirty members of the group have been arrested and flown to Accra to assist in investigations.

Source: ghanaweb