Govt set to demolish Gomoa Buduburam refugee camp


The plan to demolish the refugee camp at Gomoa Buduburam, next month has brought panic to the faces of some refugees.

In a speech by the Acting Secretary of the board, Mr Paddy Tetteh promised an assurance that provision of alternative settlement and accommodation are in place for about 350 refugees in the country at the moment, according to the board records.

He continued that other settlers of the town must also relocate before the deadline.

“It is important we know that residents of the Gomoa Buduburam are generally not refugees.

They are people who have been affected by confusion of the assessment clause. The Liberians seized to be refugees at the end of December 2012, and that was the time International Community announced that it is safe enough for the people who fled the Liberian civil war should return,” Mr Paddy said.

“Many people there opted to local integration and the condition was that if you choose to local integrate that meant you would be able to live and work in Ghana and look after yourself and your family if you have to,” he added.

He concluded that these people were given resident permit, Liberian passport and were given little bits of assistance but the assistance was not to look after them for the rest of their lives.