Govt set to establish military bases across all regions


To fully prepare for the wave of terrorist attacks swirling around the country, the government of Ghana has decided to establish military bases in all sixteen regions of the country.

This was revealed by Defence Minister-designate Dominic Nitiwul during his vetting by the Appointment Committee of Parliament.

Nitiwul assured that government is committed to defending the territorial integrity of the country.

He explained that there used to be seven military bases when Ghana had ten regions but that has been extended. According to him, processes have begun to establish military bases in all parts of the country.

“The military want to put up regiment in each region. When we had ten regions there were seven bases. The plan is to have military presence in each region. We have put military presence in all the regions but we intend to make it permanent for the military to support the civilian police in keeping law and order.”

He also added that the government intends to establish about 15 bases across the northern part of the country to help combat terrorism.

“To help fight against terrorism in the country, we have been pitching bases across the borders to ensure that Ghana is safe. The plan is very far advanced to ensure that we have minimum 15 bases across the northern region to ensure that we are all safe,” he added.

Source: ghanaweb