Govt should hand over Saglemi Housing project to the military – Nitiwul


The Minister-designate for Defence, Dominic Nitiwul, who is facing Parliament’s Appointments Committee, has explained that it will be a great booster to the Ghana Armed Forces should the government hand over the Saglemi Housing Project to them.

The Ghana Armed Forces has, for many years, been saddled with challenges of accommodation and housing, with different governments taking several steps to ensure that they gap is closed but such efforts have been hindered by the growing numbers of personnel, against their housing.

In responding to a question on whether or not the military will consider a relocation from its current base at Burma Camp, which is in the middle of town today, to a place like Saglemi, where there is a 1024 housing unit either completed or near completion, he said it would give them great joy.

“It’s a conversation that is well taken up and I believe that personnel of the military forces will be glad to be given that facility if it’s completed. The Armed forced will be readily take it. Most nations around the world don’t have their armed forces in the center of town so we have to start thinking about it. We need to start that conversation now and I think we should start thinking of handing over the Saglemi Housing to the armed forces when they are done,” he said.

Source: ghanaweb