Households across Ghana to have three bins each – Sanitation minister-designate


Soon, households across the country will each have three separate bins to sort out their waste. That is the indication of the minister-designate for Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecilia Dapaah.

She said that as a way of promoting the proper disposal of waste, as has already been started in some academic institutions like the Ghana Medical School, houses will have to separate their waste.

She explained that the practice in most homes where waste is not separated, makes it difficult for composting companies to properly do their jobs and she hopes that by this, it would make the work much easier.

“We have already started with this sorting. We have pilot projects going on but in our homes, we’re all guilty, we use only one bin to out in our daily waste after the chores in our homes so it’s the way to go finally because for the compost plants, their experiences are such that, ultimately, we’d need to get this going and it’s part of the policy of the sanitation authority to look at because we need to do sorting, especially in our institutions, in our schools. We’ve started at the medical school and some other schools as well and it’s going well.

“So in our homes, very soon, we’d have to have about three bins: one for plastics and bottles, one for paper, and then one for the organic waste – the leftovers from our fufu and banku and akple and tuo zaafi and all those pieces of leftovers,” she said.

Cecilia Dapaah was before the Appointments Committee of Parliament on her nomination as minister-designate for Sanitation and Water Resources.

Source: ghanaweb