How can you be president if you don’t understand elementary economics? – Amoako Baah mocks Kyiriabosom


Political Science lecturer, Dr Richard Amoako Baah has laid into the founder and leader of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) Christian Kwabena Andrews popularly known as Osofo Kyiriabosom over his presidential ambitions.

Dr Amoako Baah told Neat FM that conversations about the running of the country should be reserved for serious minds who understand the economy and other sectors of the country.

He observed that certain personalities who have declared interest in the presidency lack the requisite knowledge to rule the country.

He stated that unlike the 2016 elections where the odds massively favoured Akufo-Addo, some Ghanaians are still undecided about who they should vote for.

“This election cycle is not like the last one. The last one was clear-cut. The incumbent was in trouble but this is different. Now people are still deciding if they should vote for party A or party B. I was in a conversation with some people and they said they were going to vote for Kyiriabosom”.

“So I explained things to them that someone who says we should print fresh notes if the cedi is not performing well against the dollar. Someone who doesn’t even understand elementary economics, how can he be president”.

Amoako Baah has been a fierce critic of the Akufo-Addo administration, expressing dissenting views on several government issues but he still holds that Akufo-Addo is a better choice than Mahama.

He conceded in the Neat FM interview he has reservations about Akufo-Addo’s government but between him (Akufo-Addo) Mahama, the president is better than his predecessor.

“Yes, things didn’t go exactly how you wanted in Akufo-Addo’s government; a lot of disgruntled people but that doesn’t mean you vote against the ruling party.

“Personally, I don’t agree with him (Akufo-Addo) on many things but Mahama can’t govern efficiently and it’s not because of politics; he just can’t do it. Nana Addo should be allowed to continue; he’s the only one who can,” the Political Science Lecturer intimated.

Source: ghanaweb