Ampesi is a traditional meal in Ghana and it’s prepared with boiled yam, plantain cocoyam, cassava or mixture of these and stew, thick groundnut or palm-nut soup. This dish contains essential nutrients that helps the body to grow and fight diseases.


  1. Plantain
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Onions
  4. Palm oil
  5. Salted tilapia
  6. Smoked herring
  7. Cocoyam leaves(kontomire)
  8. Pepper
  9. Salt
  10. Garlic
  11. Ginger


  1. Wash and peel plantain and put into a sauce pan.
  2. Wash kontomire with salty water. Cut stalks off and add to the plantain in pan. Add water enough to boil. Add salt. Put on fire to boil.
  3. Wash onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and pepper. Cut all except pepper into pieces and grind in and earthen ware bowl.
  4. Grill salted tilapia. Add to the content of the earthen ware bowl and grind.
  5. Taste to see if salt from the tilapia is enough. If not enough add a little. Put that aside.
  6. Check to see if plantain is cooked. Take off fire and drain out stock. Put plantain into a good flask so it doesn't get cold.
  7. Add the kontomire to the content of the earthen ware bowl. Grind to mix.
  8. Wash smoked herrings. Remove scales and bones. Break into pieces and add to stew in earthen ware bowl.
  9. Put a little palm oil on fire to heat up a bit. Pour hot palm oil into earthen ware bowl and stir to get a complete mix.
  10. Bring plantain out if flask and serve in a plate or bowl. You can choose to eat the stew from the earthenware or dish on to a plate.
  11. Food is served. Enjoy your meal

10 Benefits of kontomire

  1. Kontomire is the best diet for reducing cholesterol, it has no cholesterol and only 1% of total fat.
  2. Prevention of cancer(kontomire is rich in vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant that fights free radicals that causes cancer and prevents many diseases)
  3. Prevents anemia
  4. Control the blood pressure
  5. Boosts immune system
  6. Enhance memory and mood
  7. Reduce wrinkle on the skin
  8. Help in weight loss
  9. Promote the bone and skin healing
  10. Healthy eyes