IGP orders immediate probe into alleged Exhumation of Bodies at Gomoa Fawomaye


The IGP Inspector General of Police (IGP) has directed immediate investigation into the alleged exhumation of bodies at Gomoa Fawomaye.

He made the call on Thursday, April 8, 2021, after a police officer, Supt. Robert Cobby stationed with the Sefwi Asawinso Police Command was accused of allegedly exhuming and running away with the remains of over 10 persons who died untimely from accidents at Gomoa Fawomaye Cemetery in the Central Region.

As gathered by GhanaTalksRadio, The Chief of Gomoa Fawomaye, Nana Okofo Kwakye Abeka Acquah III addressing a press conference said the police officer who is not from their community came to them and requested for land to do business, but they told him there’s no land available.

He continued that later to their utter shock, the police officer hired a grader machine and with protection from armed police officers stormed the cemetery and cleared the land.

Nana Okofo Kwakye Abeka Acquah III added that an inspection made by the Chiefs, Elders, and residents showed that over 10 bodies had gone missing, suspecting that the police officer might have stolen it for money rituals or for Spiritual use.

He has given the police officer a one-week ultimatum to return all the stolen bodies or bear the wrath that would follow.

The chief therefore, noted that the exhumed bodies might cause serious implications to the community spiritually, for which reason libation has been performed to appease the gods of the land.

Supt. Robert Cobby in a telephone with a media outlet dared the chief and elders to head to court if they have any issues.

The IGP has called for calmness as he has directed investigation the allegation by the Chiefs and residents of Gomoa Famomaye that “[A] police officer known as Superintendent Robert Kobil from Gomoa Kyiren in the Gomoa West District of the Central Region has allegedly exhumed and bolted with over 10 dead bodies from the Gomoa Fawomaye Cemetery”.