IHRC to partake in observation of Ghana elections


The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Ghana has been accredited by the Electoral Commission of Ghana to observe the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

In all about 160 graduate volunteers were recruited from all the 16 regions in Ghana for the exercise. According to Prof. Michael Kwateng, the IHRC is satisfied with the processes and procedures laid down by the Commission so far. He commended the Chairperson of the Commission, Mrs. Jean Mensa for various initiatives implemented.

He urged the commission to continue to be fair in dealing with all stakeholders, especially the political parties so that at the end of the elections the results will be accepted by all to avoid tension and continue to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the country.

He revealed that IHRC participation in this election is to ensure that the process is transparent, fair and credible enough to avoid misunderstanding and conflict among political parties and other stakeholders. He again advised all Ghanaians to be law abiding and support EC to deliver a good job.

Source: Ghana Celebrities