Jomoro CPP PC makes narrow escape in assassination attempt


Convention People’s Party (CPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Jomoro Constituency of the Western Region, Patrick Ekye-Kwesie has been attacked by unknown assailants during a recent campaign tour of the constituency.

The Candidate and his campaign team were attacked by some guys on motorbikes between Beyin and Tikobo No.1 after visiting Beyin and were returning to Tikobo No.1.

Addressing the media at Beyin on Friday, December 4, Mr. Ekye-Kwesie said “I am well and nothing is stopping me from canvassing votes for the great CPP of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. My determination despite my recent situation is to make Jomoro Constituency great again through responsive interventions”.

He added that “the recent attacks on my person has shown the current desperation that my opponents are going through. My team and I are always harassed with a machete and other offensive weapons to planning of various uncalled for acts”.

The CPP in Jomoro Constituency is therefore urging the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to take a look at violence in Jomoro to avoid any reprisal attacks.

“I’m youthful. I have a lot of vibrant young guys but I’m always clean and not in for violence”, he warned.

The CPP Parliamentary Candidate told newsmen that: “we are in not for our selfish gains but to bring back the trusts that we used to have in elected officials”.

“I hope to bring prestige to Jomoro but not the way my opponents are conducting their politics. What Jomoro needs to understand is that we are young and with a zeal to do the Parliamentary business. We cannot sit there for Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s party to collapse. Even her own daughter has gone against the doctrines that my own uncle Senator Brigidi invested to keep the ideologies of Dr Nkrumah”, he lamented.

Ekye-Kwesie wondered how many people from Jomoro have investments in the oil sector adding that “this is what I want to encourage but not violence”.

He said, “letting the people know that we can share at least 2000 Ghana cedis a month to every household with regard to the mineral deposit here is what I let my people know”.

He reminded people in Jomoro that “healthcare systems for all Educational systems for all interest is the dream”.

“Jomoro should with all due respect not forget Dr.Kwame Nkrumah. I am using my little resources to uphold the CPP which has 18,000 constant voters in Jomoro. I am poised and prepared devoid of all these hoodlums to rescue Jomoro from the deceivers of modern-day”, he stated.

According to him, even the Paramount Chief has congratulated him for having saved the Jomoro CPP from losing its strength.

He reminded the people that Jomoro is the stronghold of the Convention People’s Party and asked them to pray for peace as “we vote for change in Jomoro in favor of the great CPP”.

Ekye-Kwesie cautioned genuine and humble citizens of Jomoro to be aware that their survival is paramount than the penny they give for a vote”.

He called on all who believe in Dr. Nkrumah and Pan Africanism to come on board to rescue the CPP.