Just like all armed robbers, I will go to heaven – proud LGBTQ+ member


Paa Dan, a proud member of the invisible Ghanaian LGBT+ community has confidently said that he believes he will make it to heaven even though he is gay.

The man told Adwen during a live phone interview on eTV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen that he does not know of any quotation in the Bible that states verbatim that same-sex relations are a sin, hence he strongly believes he will see the kingdom of God.

To support this, he also countered the fact that the major reason why God burnt down the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was that the people were indulging in sexual practices with their own gender.

Paa, answering why he believes he will make heaven despite being gay, said, “Even armed robbers say they will go to heaven so how much more me. I haven’t killed anyone, I haven’t hurt anyone, and I haven’t committed any sin. You won’t know the number of times I have sat in my room and contemplated committing suicide over my sexuality.

“At some point when this issue was all over the radio, I questioned myself and I questioned God that God, why me? Why is it that everyone is driving right and I’m driving left? It’s not my choice. If it was my choice, I would have changed it”.

Talking about changing his sexuality if it was his choice leaves the question of ‘Is he really proud of his sexuality?’ because if he really was proud of being gay, he would not question himself or God about it as he claims to have done severally.

Source: Happy 98.9FM