Juventus and Napoli Sunday game in doubt after two of latter side’s player tested positive for covid-19


The Serie A game between Juventus and Napoli on Sunday is in doubt after two of the latter side’s player tested positive for coronavirus.

Unconfirmed reports in Italy say that Napoli have been unable to travel to Turin because of an order from their local health authority.

Juve, though, are adamant the game should go ahead as planned.

On Saturday, they tweeted that the team will take to the field “as foreseen by the Serie A league calendar”.

They followed this up on Sunday with further tweets, one declaring “Matchday!” and another showing their squad list for the encounter.

To further complicate matters, the Juventus squad are currently in a “bubble” after two non-playing staff members tested positive for Covid-19.

There has been no official comment from either the team or the health authority regarding Sunday’s match.

Unless Serie A orders the match to be postponed, Napoli would forfeit the game 3-0.

Last Sunday, Napoli hosted Genoa, where 17 players have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week. Genoa’s match at home to Torino on Saturday was postponed.

Serie A has ruled that matches should go ahead provided each team has a minimum of 13 players available and that teams who cannot play would suffer a forfeit.

However, teams have the right once in the season to ask for a postponement without forfeiting if 10 players are infected within one week.