Kenyan MP applauds Ghana over speedy coronavirus tests at KIA


Charles Kilonzo, A Member of the National Assembly of Kenya, Charles Kilonzo has applauded Ghana over the swift COVID-19 testings being conducted at the Kotoko International Airport.

The MP noted that throughout the countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and the world at large, Ghana’s fight against the pandemic is one to reckon with.

He revealed this during a courtesy visit to the Volta Regional Minister, in which he led the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committees of the Kenyan National Assembly.

Speaking at the meeting, he stated; “There are a few things you have scored very high with. One of them is at the airport. In Kenya, it takes you 24 hours to get the covid test. Here it is instant. We landed, before we got through the immigration, by the time you are picking your luggage your test result was ready done.

“Believe me you have proven to the world that in this covid times you are leading in that sector. Even in following the protocols and the guidelines on the fight against covid you people are doing a very good job.

“I think your people are easier to deal with. Go to Europe, you tell the Europeans to wear a mask; it’s a big deal. Tell them to vaccinate and it’s a big problem.

“So I think you have a great nation, and you have a strong pillar in democracy in this region,” Mr Kilonzo said.

The visit, which was supposed to last for one week, was aimed at helping in strengthening the diplomatic bond that exist between both nations.

Mr Kilonzo stated that the team will “study and see” economic sectors that the two countries can work together to improve, including oil, mining and agriculture.

“Kenya and Ghana share a very rich history which dates back to independence, yet trade with Ghana is nonexistent. There are opportunities for both countries,” he added.