Krobos are not part of your agenda, we are Ghanaians – Konor warns Western Togolanders


The Konor and Overlord of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area in the Eastern Region, has sent a strong warning to members of the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) to stay clear off the boundaries of the area in their secession schemes.

Nene Sakite II in a meeting with Regents, Standing Committee members and opinion leaders at Krobo Odumase on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 said the people of Manya Krobo were Ghanaians and will forever remain so and not part of the so-called Western Togoland.

The Paramount Chief’s call follows the group’s alleged erection of billboards in parts of the Yilo Krobo and Manya Krobo Traditional Areas in what is suspected to be claims of boundary demarcations by the group.

The billboards believed to have come from the Volta Separatist Group were on September 3, 2020, seen mounted at Akorley near Somanya in the Yilo Krobo Municipal and Akuse in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal of the Eastern Region with the inscriptions, “Welcome to Western Togoland” and “You are leaving Western Togoland” respectively which were subsequently pulled down by security forces.

“As far as I remain the Konor of Manya Klo and for as long as I remain on this land, Krobos are not part of that Western Togoland. We do not want it. We are Ghanaians and we shall remain Ghanaians,” said Nene Sakite II.

“Anybody who goes contrary to this will be dealt with according to law.”

He maintained that Krobos have been part of Ghana since its independence in 1957 and questioned the rationale behind the attempts to draw the people of the area into such needless schemes.

“Since we attained our independence in 1957, we have been Ghanaians and we shall remain Ghanaians”, he said.

The chief maintained that Ghanaians require peace and should not tolerate anybody who attempts to divide the people and urged the citizenry to stand up and guard the country’s peace.

Nene Sakite II called on the people to be vigilant and sack any member of the Homeland Study Group Foundation who dares perpetrate mischief in the area, adding that the people must support the government to successfully ward off the secessionists.

The Homeland Study Group Foundation campaigning for the secession of parts of Ghana along the Ghana-Togo border in November 2019 declared independence for the area they call ‘Western Togoland’.