Lil Baby reveals he ‘never’ wanted to be a rapper in new documentary


It’s no secret that Lil Baby has had a massive 2020, and now Apple Music has awarded him their Artist of the Year, which will be presented to him on Thursday night. Following the awards, the music streaming service will premier a documentary about the rapper.

Lil Baby revealed a trailer for the documentary, which chronicles his life, and admits that he never wanted to be a rapper. After being sent to jail for the second time, his “perspective changed.”

“I was in jail my first time at thirteen. I dropped out of school somewhere between ninth and tenth grade. I never wanted to be a rapper. I was already young and turnt in the streets,” Baby says in the trailer. “But after I got locked up again, my perspective changed. I became an artist with something to say, people to stand for, and now, it’s finally time to tell my story.”