Louis Vuitton designer issues apology after looting comments


Louis Vuitton menswear designer Virgil Abloh has apologised amid criticism for his comments on looting.

In an online post on a video showing streetwear designer Sean Wotherspoon’s store had been looted, Abloh said he was disgusted and that the “kids that ransacked his store” should “hang your head in shame”.

In an Instagram post, Abloh later said: “I apologise that my comments yesterday appeared as if my main concerns are anything other than full solidarity with the movements against police violence, racism and inequality.”

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“Yesterday I spoke about how my stores and stores of friends were looted,” Abloh, who is also the founder of the Off-White brand, wrote.

“I apologise that it seemed like my concern for those stores outweighed my concern for our right to protest injustice and express our anger and rage in this moment.”

He noted that he has also donated $20,500 (£16,300) to causes related to the Black Lives Matter movement.